Sweet and spicy stories sizzle on Jungo Pinoy this month of love

Stream free just by subscribing to the app or get more exclusive content for as low as P55/month starting March

Celebrate the month of love with the best kilig and hot romance films on Jungo Pinoy! This February, the entertainment app specifically created and curated for Filipinos by Los Angeles-based media company Jungo TV is serving sweet and spicy stories to satisfyingly fill all the date nights you’ve got planned.

Cuddle with boo and catch Pinoy romances like the JaDine-starrer (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) Never Not Love You that centers on young lovers whose relationship get tested as career opportunities send them to a different country. There’s also Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story with Dingdong Dantes taking on the role of a successful stockbroker who hires a down on her luck girl (played by Anne Curtis) to help him with his insomnia. Fans of new-gen Hollywood heartthrob Noah Centineo will be charmed even more with his coming-of-age romcom Swiped. K-pop and K-drama fans can catch the exclusive Tagalog-dubbed film Touching You with K-pop idol and actor Ok Taecyeon.

To unlock more content and as a sweet treat to subscribers, the made for Filipinos app is offering paid subscription fees at only P55 per month starting March 1.


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